How to sign up for our services


1.Fill out the on-line sign-up form which consists of Your basic information

Online Sign up

2. Fax over your Supporting Documentation fax 877-369-1727











1. Clear copy of your Driver's License
2. Current Voided check or Bank Deposit Slip
3. Copy of Phone Bill for the contact number you have provided us
4. Two proofs of ownership for the Properties you are renting (for examples, please see below)
Acceptable Proofs of Ownership (Note: on the following items, we are looking for your name, your mailing address and your property address. For longer documents, usually just the first and last page are sufficient):
• Title
• Property Tax Statement
• Copy of Deed or Warranty Deed
• Mortgage Statement
• Insurance Statement
• HUD 1
• Purchase Statement
• Settlement Statement


Please include the following:

1. Clear Copy of Driver's License for the Individual responsible for this account
2. Copy of a Telephone Bill for the contact number provided to us (dated within the past six months)
3. A voided check OR Bank Deposit Slip
4. A letter on company letterhead stating your "permissible purpose" (your reason for pulling credit reports)
5. Copy of a Current Business License (or one of the following: articles or incorporation, LLC papers, certificate of operation) If you are a Realtor: you may send a copy of your realtors license in place of the business license, etc.
6. Proof of membership in an Apartment Association OR Three previously filled out rental apps
7. A signed list of all your rental properties.

Why do I have to Provide my Information?
In order to provide you with highly sensitive and extremely confidential
Information such as a Credit Report, we do need to verify your identity. The
Requested documents are not only required by Citi Credit Bureau, but by
Experian, Trans Union, and under the FCRA law. Citi Credit Bureau maintains a
Strict Privacy Policy with all of their clients. Your information will not be shared
Or disclosed to any outside Parties or Agencies. In addition, your information will be used
Solely for Verification of Identity and Account Activation Purposes, and it will be stored in safe place.

How do I know that my information will be secure once I fax it?
All Faxed documents are sent to our secured computer (connected to our 800 fax number) which is accessed only by an authorized user with a User ID & Password. (note: not a conventional fax machine, faxes are sent directly to a computer) Once the fax has been viewed, it is scanned to a disc which is then stored into our company safe box.

***Please note: in orderto keep you updated on your account, you should receive an email notifying you that your documents have been received by our office. Keep this email for your records.



If you have any questions, please email us at