Employment Screening

The City Credit now offers an employment screening program that will do the tedious work of background checks of individual that you are considering hiring. These reports can be customized to your individual needs and will provide:

Credit information
Public record information including criminal activity
Fraud prevention including social security verification
Employment history verification

These reports are accurate and easy to read. More importantly, they save you and your staff, time and money in running background checks. Plus they are proven to reduce future collection calls, garnished wages and some of the other hassles of hiring a person solely on past experience and personal references.

Be certain of your hiring decisions

Now you can be confident that you have hired the right person for the job with an employment screening background check through the City Credit. We work with all kinds of employers throughout Central Washington including fruit and food processing plants, convenience stores, restaurants, schools, fruit growers and many others.

Employment Screening Services is a trusted partner to organizations worldwide. Taking pride in our role concerning the creation of employment screening standards, we offer comprehensive applicant profiles, tailored by our unparalleled customer service staff, to meet your needs. Whether you employ one person or hundreds of people a year, we can offer you a fast, efficient and reliable service

At City Credit., we know how critical the hiring process is to you. Quite literally, the next person you hire could be the reason for your company's success or failure. That is why our employment screening services is dedicated to providing you with timely, accurate and cost-effective background checks designed to help you make those important hiring decisions.
Since our beginning , we have helped thousands of local, regional, national and international companies with their employment screening needs. We have developed a nationwide system of professionals to provide the quality service and personal consulting that sets us apart from our competitors.

We are dedicated to the improvement of your hiring process. The time has come when no company, regardless of size, can afford to make hiring decisions without accurate background screening. Let Employment Screening Services, Inc. help you hire with confidence.

We provide full Employment screening products such as employee credit report, employee background check, employee criminal record, state criminal record, county criminal record, national criminal record, state driving record, education verification, special license verification

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