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The Citi Credit offers a Residential Mortgage Credit Report that is prepared in compliance with FMHA, FNMA, FHLMC, HUD/FHA and VA reporting standards for format and research procedures. The report contains information as to the current as well as previous employment and income history. The report will be checked through the accumulated credit records where applicants have resided during the most recent two years with all the results. The report contains all discovered credit and legal information that is not considered obsolete under the Fair Credit
Reporting Act. Below are the Standards and procedures Citi Credit uses in preparing a complete and comprehensive mortgage credit report..


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Citi Credit Rapid updates

Because Some things just can't wait.

Citi Credit is changing the shape of consumer disputes-setting the industry standard, raising expectations and delivering on them. Citi Credit expedites the investigative and recording processes associated with credit file updates.

Rapid Updates are simple and straightforward - the way we like to do business.When dispute arises, your client forwards the relevant information and documentation to us. We do the rest, turning around credit file updates on verifiable information within seventy-two hours.

Citi Credit is committed to providing professional quality reports with fast friendly service. Let our credit experts work miracles for you.

The leading dispute-resolution service in the industry, Rapid Updates.........

1. Benefits the lender by expediting loan approval processing

2. Streamlines the dispute process, eliminating ordinary delays and waiting periods

3. Verifies information and updates credit files within seventy two hours

4. Enhances lender/consumer relationships through exceptional level of responsiveness



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