How Do I Sign Up For Your Service




1. fill out the on-line sign-up form which consists of
Your basic information (name, address, contact info by click on Online Sign up)
2. Fax over your Supporting Documentation 877-369-1727

Please fax the following 5 items:

- Clear copy of your Driver's License
- Current Voided check or Bank Deposit Slip
- Copy of Phone Bill for the contact number you have provided us
- Two proofs of ownership for the Properties you are renting

3. We'll send your User ID & Password via e-mail

Why do I have to Provide my Information?

In order to provide you with highly sensitive and extremely confidential
Information such as a Credit Report, we do need to verify your identity. The
Requested documents are not only required by City credit, but by
Credit Repositories and under the FCRA law. City Credit maintains a
Strict Privacy Policy with all of their clients. Your information will not be shared
Or disclosed to any outside Parties or Agencies. In addition, your information will be used
Solely for Verification of Identity and Account Activation Purposes, and it will be stored in safe place.


How do I know that my information will be secure once I fax it?
City Credit does not use conventional fax machine, instead we use secure computer server to receive all your supporting documents..

City Credit makes every effort to keep your documents secure.

Please note that all faxes, images, attachments must be clear, complete and legible. If any portion of your transmission is not clear, our secure server will reject the document and it will not be delivered to our membership department

Please assume that unless you receive a specific "Documents Received" email with a confirmation number beginning with #DR and numeric code, your documents have NOT been received.

If you do not receive the confimation email within 24 hours, please email us at Again, you must always have a "Documents Received" code as proof that we sucessfully received all your documents.

Please note that as a credit reporting agency we are required to stay in compliance with bureau regulations. For this reason, we reserve the right to request updated documents at any time throughout the duration of your account.

Is Your Web Site Secure? Will you share my Information?

Yes, our site is secure. We have a 128 bit encryption secure site. Because of this we are
Proud to say that we have not encountered any security problems or issues in the
Past ten years! City Credit also keeps a strict Privacy Policy with all of
Their clients, so your information will not be shared or disclosed to any outside
Agencies or parties. In addition, your information will be used solely for
Verification of identity and account activation purposes.


Do I have to Apply every time I want to check a Credit Report? Do I have to fax Documentation every time I check a credit Report?

No. Once you receive a User ID & Password from us, you are a member (no
Membership fees apply) & you will have access to our system 24hours a day, 7
Days a week.

How do I Verify the Authenticity of Your Company?

We are national certified reseller for Transunion, Equifax. We've in background screening industry since 1987, and provide credit reports to Banks and lenders and Mortgage brokers nationwide.
Our home page offers a description & brief background and history of City Credit. You may also click on Better Business Bureau rating-Click Here . You can also e-mail us at
To request further information.

Does the Credit Report come from all Three Major Credit Agencies?

The credit report price is $15.95 per bureau. Only one bureau is included in each package.our company has access to all three bureaus. Equifax however does not allow home based business to access their database

Will I receive a Score on the Credit Report?
Yes. Unlike other companies, the credit reports we provide are Full Credit
Reports complete with a FICO score, as opposed to a summarized credit report
With minimal information.

Will I understand the Credit Report?

Yes, the credit report is provided in an easy to read format. You may also request
A “How to Read a Credit Report” form from us. In addition, if you purchase one
Of our money-saving packages, you will receive a Free Decision Making
Consultation. You could email to

What does the Credit Report FICO or Emprica Score mean?

The Credit score ranges from 400 to 850. The higher the score, the lower the risk.
The Lower the score, the higher the risk of renting to that prospective tenant is.
This score is determined by using formulas developed by Fair, Isaac & Company.
The mathematical formula used evaluates the information on the credit report
(payment history, length of history, amount owed, etc) and then compares this to
patterns of past credit reports.

What do I need from My Tenant in order to request the Credit Report?

You must obtain a signed authorization from your applicant with below following:
-Full Legal Name
- Social Security Number
- Current Address
If you are also requesting a Criminal Background check you will also need their
Date of Birth. To make sure you receive accurate credit report, you must get a copy of your tenant's ID and Social Security Card.

What is a Site Inspection?
A site inspection is when a licensed inspector, approved by the major credit bureaus, visits your home to verify the following: (1) your identity—that is verify your name, address, and that the documentation that you provided to us is accurate and legitimate (2) that the consumer credit files will be pulled from a safe and secure location as well as stored and/or disposed of properly (password protected computer, locked file cabinet, shredder, etc) (3) that you operate in a legal manner and are not operating an unauthorized business (i.e credit counseling/repair, collections, private investigator, bail bondsman, etc) The fee for a Site Inspection is $75

When is a Site Inspection required?
A site inspection is required if you will be requesting a full credit report from TransUnion or Equifax (please note: Equifax will not be available to home-based businesses even with the site inspection) Without the site inspection, you are still able to set up an account with us and receive Recommendation Credit Report and full access to all of the other services: Eviction search, Criminal check, Tele-check, Verification Service, Applicant Fraud, Consultation.

Is there any membership fees or monthly fees?
There is no membership or monthly fees. You only pay for the services that you purchase. However, if a site inspection is required the site inspection fee is $75.

How do we pay for the report?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express


Will I get a receipt for my purchase?
yes, you will
receive an email receipt instantly when you order the report. Please
check your inbox thoroughly, sometimes these may be sent to your
"junk" mail filter. Receipts cannot be regenerated, this
is the only receipt you will receive so please save and/or print for your

IF you have any other questions, please email to