I started to order a report and clicked on “save and finish later.” Now where do I find that report?
While logged in to the system:

1. Click on “View Archived Reports”
2. Next to the Applicant’s name, click on “order report”
3. Once you are back in the order report page, reselect the package you wish to purchase.
4. Continue where you left off
5. Submit report
6. Wait about 10 seconds for your results

How do I view reports I have already ordered?

Log in to your account and click on “View Archived Reports”.


Is my Credit Card Information kept on file?

Your Credit Card information must be saved in order to request the report. Once
You receive the report you have the option of deleting your card information and
Manually entering it every time you wish to order a credit report.



When a tenant applies to a new Property, do I have to fax you supporting documentation for each property?

No. Your account has already been set up. You may add more properties to your
File for your record keeping purposes. This allows you to keep track of who
Applied where. Click on “Properties add/edit” and enter the information for your
New property. Click on “save and add property”

What should I do if there is something on the Credit Report that I don’t understand or that Does not make much sense to me?

You could click on here how to read credit report.

IF you ordered package report and we have credit advisors who will be happy to answer your questions or clarify Your results. To contact them or submit a question, please email
info@ctcredit.net In this e-mail indicate your full name as well as the name
of the tenant who’s credit report you are inquiring about.

How do I order the Credit Report?

Step 1. Click on “Credit Cards add/edit”
Step 2. Add your Credit Card information (please make sure that you type in
The billing address, exactly as it appears on your billing statement,
Otherwise the transaction will be denied and you will be unable to
Order the report)
Step 3. Click on “Order Report”
Step 4. Select the package or service that you wish to purchase
Step 5. Fill in the Fields with your prospective tenant’s information
(legal name, social security number, current address, birth date)
Step 6. click on “submit”
Step 7. Check the information you submitted. Once you order the report there
Are no refunds.
Step 8. If all information is correct, Click on “View Report”
Step 9. Wait approximately 10 seconds for your report to appear on your

If I order one of the Packages, will I receive all of the results instantly?

All of your results are instant, except for the verification of residence and
Verification of employment. The turn around time for these varies, since we have
To manually contact the Employer or Landlord to verify the information either
Verbally or in writing. Be assured that we do our best to verify the information as
Quickly as possible.

What should I do if I forget my Password?

No problem, go to our Tenant Screening main page and click on “trouble log in”. You will be prompted to enter your User ID or your e-mail address (the one you used to set up the account with us) A new password will then be sent to your e-mail. NOTE: for account security purposes, password will ONLY be sent to the e-mail address provided at time of sign-up. If your account is locked after repeated attempts to log in with the incorrect password, please contact us at 800-710-2484.

I typed the wrong information into your system when I was ordering the report. Now I didn’t get any results or the results I have are incorrect. Can I get a refund?

All requests are processed instantly and are immediately charged by each of the
Credit reporting Bureaus for their Data. In addition, our system does give you
The opportunity to check the accuracy of the information you submitted before
Ordering the report. Therefore, we are unable to provide refunds for inaccurate
Results due to incorrect information provided to the system.

How Do I add more properties to my account?

Once you are logged into your account, on the menu bar, click on “Properties add/edit”. When that screen appears, click on “add new property” Add the information and then save it. The next time you order a report, you may select that address as your Proposed Residence.

I ordered a package and the results status shows as “Partial Results available.” What does this mean?

You probably ordered a package that includes the verification service (landlord and employment). The verification is in progress, this may take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. All of your other results are complete. To view the status of the verification requests, view your report and scroll all the way down to the Verification service progress. Here you will be able to see notes from our verification team. Once the verification is complete, you will see a message in the member home page which states that verification is ready to view.

What do I need from My Tenant in order to request the Credit Report?

To Pull the Credit Report, you need the following:
-Full Legal Name
- Social Security Number
- Current Address
If you are also requesting a Criminal Background check you will also need their
Date of Birth. To make sure you receive accurate credit report, you must get a copy of your tenant's ID and Social Security Card.


Why was my Credit Card Transaction Denied?

This could be for several reasons.
-If you received a message saying there is and AVS mismatch,
Please Double check the billing address you provided to the
System. The address has to be exactly as it appears on your
Billing statement. Make sure you are providing the address
Where you receive you bill every month.

- If you received a message stating that the credit card
Is invalid, please double check the credit card information you
Provided. Make sure the card number and expiration date are exactly as they are on your card. This usually happens when a minor typo occurs

- If you received a message stating that the transaction was
Denied, please contact your Credit Card company since the transaction is being denied by them and NOT by Citi Credit Bureau.

IF you have any other questions, please email to info@ctcredit.net