Consumer Dispute

If you were screened through our company and you wish to dispute information provided on your credit report, please Click Here on the following link for additional instructions

To Request Your Own copy of your credit Report:
IF you were screened through  you have two options: 
    (1) You may contact your potential landlord (the person who screened you) and request that they  supply you with the "Consumer version of the report"  They can quickly print it out and hand you a copy. 
    (2)  You may request a copy from   To do this, please fax or email your request along with a copy of your driver's license (for identity verification purposes). Please include your mailing address.  We will then mail the consumer version of the report via USPS.
                                      fax:     877-369-1727  
IF you were not screened through  you may request your free annual consumer credit report at the following web address:















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