Tenant Background Checks

Tenant Background Checks are a must for any landlord. Tenant Background Checks often reveal information likely to be held back from a tenant looking to rent. Many landlords feel that checking previous rental history is enough of a background check, but many times people with a shady past will give personal friends as their references. Do not be fooled by a good looking or extremely polite person applying to rent. Many people have skeletons in their closet by way of bad credit or a bad criminal background history.

By running a Tenant Background Check you have the ability to accurately view the past of this prospective tenant. Tenant Background Checks include credit reports, eviction reports, state and federal criminal reports as well as Sex Offender and Terrorist background checks. As you can see, running a Tenant Background Check will uncover any fradulent information provided.

Citicredit.net will be your peace of mind when that next renter comes knocking at your door, so feel safe knowing that you have a respectable company for all your Tenant Screening needs.

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